My World

In his eyes my world lies.

In the skies my dreams hide.

Now I see the beauty he beams.

With his touch the world shines.

Flowers bloom, rivers flow, while birds sing melodies of his praise.

With my loves warmth I evolve, all my fears he dissolves.

Time moves forward as hearts pause; his world become mine as we collide.

In his eyes my world lies.šŸ’—


My Outlook on Life

I expect a lot from myself and anyone that I associate with; whether it be a friend or partner. I do whatever it takes to push and inspire myself as well as others to reach their full potentialĀ in orderĀ to believe in themselves. I might nag or ask them what they are doing to get closer to their goal but, it is only to encourage them and to make them think about the endless possibilities they areĀ capable of.

I want to be the daughter that every parent would love to call her own…I want to be the friend cheering in the audience for my friend….I want to be that successful female behind a successful man….I want to be that mother who gives her kids a new world they can change and make their own..

Hope, encouragement, confidence, and dedication can change your whole life for the best…we are our own greatest friend and enemy…Be the best, be around the best, and help others be the best…invest your time in those that believe in themselves and even more so in those that need someone in their life that will give them a spark of courage in their lonely paths of darkness.

Inspiration: Goal-oriented thinkingĀ 

Thoughts of my Day:

  • “Critical Thinking is not a skill you suddenly develop, it is developed over time with practice.
  • If you can not be real and unbiased in your personal life you sure as hell can’t represent the rights and freedoms of innocent victims in an institution of justice.
  • You can not be a guardian of truth and justice if you have tunnel vision.
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world. What do I want to see in the world? EQUALITY.”