No Battle is Ever Lost

Through the tears I fought, for the world I lost. 

Looking for my shield in disbelief as I watched the arrows they shot.

One by one they pierced my heart as I struggled to find the sword I lost.

Tripped I tripped, over shattered pieces of my dream I tripped.

Darkness veiled my eyes as I struggled to keep my faith alive.

Cried I cried as wounds dried laying in fear of my death.

Shaking and falling I stood back up with all my might as I saw the light.

The fight is never ending …. No battle is ever lost.



Often times we find ourselves stuck and unable to rebound from a rejection or defeat. We forget that victory is sweeter if there is a fire of defeat burning in our hearts, awaiting to be quenched. Nothing in life is permanent; instead of accepting defeat, get up and look at the challenge from a different perspective and . . . Restart.