No Battle is Ever Lost

Through the tears I fought, for the world I lost. 

Looking for my shield in disbelief as I watched the arrows they shot.

One by one they pierced my heart as I struggled to find the sword I lost.

Tripped I tripped, over shattered pieces of my dream I tripped.

Darkness veiled my eyes as I struggled to keep my faith alive.

Cried I cried as wounds dried laying in fear of my death.

Shaking and falling I stood back up with all my might as I saw the light.

The fight is never ending …. No battle is ever lost.


This Very Moment


Drops of hope dripped from my open wounds while Father Time was clutching each breath I took. Searching and searching for years for something real without any luck; as darkness impaired my vision and fatigue halted my footsteps, you caught me before I hit the ground. Your presence illuminated my dark paths and colored the black and white life I once called home. Who would have thought that you would be here by my side…. This very moment…

Inspiration: A change of company.