Perfection Speaks

Dear Society,
Your claims of who I am and what I am supposed to be have forced me into a state of dementia. The frames you picture me in confine my dreams and restrict me from being free. The realities you weave of my future are a deception; for who is to say where I shall travel or from here to there I shall follow. The lies you speak of my existence mislead innocent souls across the world. Please do not hold others to standards that are not gold for life shall unfold what I will mold. For I am not perfect, I am . . . Imperfection.



One world, One life, One heart, One love

tumblr_m4wqvt6OS51rncotuo1_500 Inequality and discrimination cause an invisible boundary to be formed between two individuals in interpersonal relationships in India. In an age of technological progression and economic prosperity, society should rise above caste and race. Socio-economic status and education are becoming vital elements of success that override discriminating factors like caste, gender, and race.  The caste system should be eliminated from India to prevent minor problems like caste from detering the union of two successful individuals.

Discriminating individuals using the caste system is similar to racism that is seen in America, thus proving that structured inequality exists in many forms whether it be caste, religion, socio-economic status, race or gender. Discrimination anywhere is a threat to the human race; we must change society’s methods of discrimination. God made humans, and humans made borders, religion, and language; God made us equal, humans created differences.

One world, one life, one heart, one love…the compassion of humanity prevails over all.

Inspiration: A Reality Check 

Thoughts of my Day:

  • “Critical Thinking is not a skill you suddenly develop, it is developed over time with practice.
  • If you can not be real and unbiased in your personal life you sure as hell can’t represent the rights and freedoms of innocent victims in an institution of justice.
  • You can not be a guardian of truth and justice if you have tunnel vision.
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world. What do I want to see in the world? EQUALITY.”


Gender Stereotypes: This IS who you are

It is disheartening how society uses gender to constrain individuality. We are not able to do or say what we feel because of stereotypes and gender norms set up by society. These norms act as barriers restricting our emotions and true personality to be expressed freely. Why do we live by these gender stereotypes when they are taking away our freedom of individuality?  We should strive to be true to our self and never let society manipulate our personality.

Males are expected by society to be emotionless rocks.  If a male display’s emotions he is ambushed with derogatory labels established by society to manipulate  and reinforce expected male behavior traits. Males are not able to display their true emotions because they are expected to live up to the stereotype of a macho male that fears nothing.

When males experience trauma or sorrow the memories are suppressed because they are not able share their emotions in assurance that they will be heard. Males that experience rape, molestation, or harassment never speak of their trauma and their abusers are never punished nor confronted. A victim is an individual that experiences a crime that is deemed unacceptable by society and punishable by the law. A perpetrator is an individual who crosses the boundaries of society that have been set to preserve individual rights and freedoms.  These two roles should be not be blurred; a criminal is a criminal and a victim is a victim. Punishment and judgement should be made in accordance to the crime and role; the race, gender, and sexual orientation of the characters involved should not distort the fundamental principles pertaining to the offense.

The inner voice and individuality of males should not be snatched by gender stereotypes. Humans should be seen as individuals, not as members of a specific race, culture, and gender. An individual makes up his or her own personality; society does not have the right to expect or assume an individual to behave a certain way.

Gender Stereotypes are NOT who you are. Your personality IS who you are. Always be true to yourself and never conform or surrender your individuality to the masses . . .

Juvenile Offenders and Corrections

Juvenile offenders should not be housed in correctional facilities with adult offenders. Correction staff and facility is not designed to hold minors. Issues like providing an education to the minors and the fact that a child is being held in the same place as dangerous adult offenders is problematic. Thought it is understandable that an offender should be punished for a crime, the age of the offender should be taken under consideration when deciding upon a sentence. The mission of juvenile court is to rehabilitate juveniles not punish. If more and more juveniles are charged as adults they are being punished not rehabilitated.  The fact that a child is not culpable of understanding the severity of their actions because their brains are not mature enough should also be taken into consideration when charging a juvenile as an adult. Intervention programs and alternative sentencing should be used to address the issue of more juveniles entering correctional facilities. More juvenile detentions centers should also be built to house juveniles to deter them from being institutionalized by criminals. A juvenile should not be held in correctional facilities, only after he or she reaches the age of eighteen should they be transferred to correctional facilities.

Honor Killings in India: The Destruction of “Property”

Honor crimes bring in aspects of domestic violence and custodial violence. Women are being victimized for practicing their freedom of choice and have to pay with their life. They continue to be treated as second class citizens in their own country and are brutally murdered by members of their family. Though honor killings are nothing but pre-meditated murders authorized by panchayats (village made up of high caste males),they are glorified by society and are accepted as a cultural norm in India. Laws and policies have been implemented and amended to ensure women empowerment; however society must change their cultural norms to incorporate gender equality. Law enforcement agencies and the judicial court system in India are getting tough on perpetrators of honor killings. Though most politicians and policy makers are not taking an active stand against honor killings the United Nations is stepping in to ensure that women rights are being upheld in India. As a member of the United Nations, India has an obligation to empower women and to act as a guardian of these rights. Personal law, criminal law, customary law, and international law are all in conflict in regards to the issue of honor killings. Honor killings are an act against human kind and a crime of pre-mediated murder. More women should be part of the executive, legislative, and judicial part of the government in India to ensure women have a voice in society and decision making. The issue still remains that society does not see honor killings as a criminal act. To address this problem, awareness of barbaric honor crimes should be spread in society through the educational  system and gender equality should be emphasized in India. Laws and punishments for honor killings should be outlined and known to the public to deter honor killings. Women rights groups should be financially supported to help them empower women across the world. Shelters for victims of honor killings or those in danger should also be financially supported and increased in number. Women continue to be discriminated and treated as property in various parts of the country today because of societies’ gender bias system. To prevent honor killings and gender discrimination; women must know their rights and be empowered by social institutions like the government and courts. Hopefully, with the help of the United Nations and various women rights groups across the globe India will one day treat women as equals and not as property.

Who Killed the Man with a Dream?

Reverend Samuel B. Kyles once said, “ We almost expect today that when you raise up a leader, you will lose him,” and we did (Frank, 405). On April 4, 1968 America lost one of the greatest leaders in time.  During this dreadful day, Martin Luther King was staying at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was there to support African American laborers that were protesting against unequal wages and working conditions. At 6:01pm on April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was struck by a bullet from a Remington 760 Gamestar (Frank, 74) . The bullet pierced into the right side of the cheek and tore open his jaw. The severe bleeding of his jaw and damaged vertebrae prevented Dr. King from recovering from the attack. Martin Luther King was proclaimed dead at 7:05pm on April 4, 1968 (Frank, 74). News of his assassination enraged and brought sorrow to his followers. Who was to blame for the death of Dr. King? Many people believe that James Earl Ray is the lone assassin that caused this tragedy to occur. However, this ideology is not true. Ray is not alone in the conspiracy of Dr. Martin Luther King’s death.

In conclusion, James Earl Ray is not the lone assassin . He was used as an scapegoat to hide the true conspirators and assassins of Martin Luther King. Due to the power and wealth the conspirators had, they were able to frame James Earl Ray.  The bundle of evidence, suitcase of clothes, guilty plea, weapon, and binoculars do not prove that James Earl Ray is guilty. Each piece of evidence was not accurate, but due to power and wealth this evidence was believed to be true. The evidence was given higher value because the conspirators with wealth wanted to suppress any information that would prove Ray guilty. By bribery, death threats, and inaccurate evidence the conspirators were able to pin that blame of assassinating Dr. King on James Earl Ray. The case and evidence was manipulated by those in power to make it seem that James Earl Ray was the lone assassin. Due to their power and wealth other members of the conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King did not caught. James Earl Ray was labeled as the lone assassin in the death of Martin Luther King and the case was closed. I would like to end with a quote from Rev. Samuel B. Kyles that sheds light on the Martin Luther King assassination and James Earl Rays’ case. Rev. Samuel B. Kyles said that, “I feel that if Ray pulled the trigger, and all the evidence points to him, that is was a hired job,” which is an important point to grasp (Frank, 404). From this quote, we may deduce that James Earl Ray was framed and not the lone assassin.