13659097_1035534416541812_421774360496387747_nHeroes by circumstances, believers by nature, wrapped in a cape they dawn the skies.
Blessing to those who live to give, burden to those who live to take.
Fighting battles without honors, while others seek comfort in their sorrows.
Day by day integrity wakes them up each morning and drives them to pick up their capes. 
Through blood, sweat, and tears they remain strong and tread the streets of unknown without fear.
Every SuperHero does not have a good ending but, each leaves behind a legacy akin to the next generation of heroes to follow.


Endless Thoughts

In the darkness of the night faith finds hope.
Dream, don’t dwell, your time will come.
Smile and heal through the tears with cheer.
Your heart is pure, mind is clear, your time is near. 
With each thought a vision grows.
Grow, it grows, the seeds you sow. . .


Written: 6/7/2015

Ticking Time Bomb

Days and night I count the ticks of my clocks. Waiting and caring for all thoughts I have been pairing. At times racing in my mind or standing behind hurdles of Father Time, these thoughts remain lost in a frenzy of emotions. Dreaming and fearing all the feelings I have been perceiving, I remain lost in my world. Walking and moving, yet stopping and hearing all the plans these thoughts have been weaving. Ambitions become expeditions as I yearn to experience the moment these thoughts dissolve and become reality. Ticking and breathing my heart keeps beating for the moment of truth is nearing. As time runs out, the ticks stop…
timeWritten: 2/25/16


Every night the cuts get deeper the fears get steeper. As reoccurring nightmares stampede my subconscious, I try to chase away the vivid memories with rocks of denial. Day by Day I find myself with a reflection of my past at each glance, questioning each moment like is this my present or my past? With each trigger I get trapped. There again I stand where I once lost who I am.  Fighting for freedom, scared to live, I look for a second chance; but with each bang I get triggered. There I lay in each flashback waiting to have freedom’s throat slit again unable to move frozen and in shock from years of mental torture.

As I wake up every morning, I stand eye to eye with the child constantly robbed by your expectations and traumatized by control. Wiping her tears, I soothe the child. We are a big girl now. Break the cycle of abuse and identify your triggers, only then will the flashbacks stop. We will rise, our time will come; live for you, and free yourself from your fears.


Inspiration: Nightmares of the past.

Red Rose

Distant I stay to keep those away that fail to see the tears I hail.

Hidden in thorns I feel pain as my pedals fray.
Steps and stomps I hear day and night, though no one stops to see the thorns I fought.

Until an angel dropped a seed for deeds I forgot.
Heal, he heals, with purity he heals the scars once pealing.
Burn, I burn, like fire I burn, as his light shines amongst me.
Red and bright I beam with might as I blossom into a …Rose


Alone on my swing, I sit and I think, of my being. What have I become and who will I be.

Where am I now and where will I be.

Breathing and clearing all the screams I am hearing, I swing away from the tears I am fearing.

With each pause, I think of my cause. As the world spins, I sit here and watch in distraught, as I wait for a soul to bring me back home.

In the fortress of my solitude, I hear the wind whisper as I reach for the sky.

“Don’t fear dear child, the sky is yours and home is near.”

Swing, I swing, alone on my swing…


My World

In his eyes my world lies.

In the skies my dreams hide.

Now I see the beauty he beams.

With his touch the world shines.

Flowers bloom, rivers flow, while birds sing melodies of his praise.

With my loves warmth I evolve, all my fears he dissolves.

Time moves forward as hearts pause; his world become mine as we collide.

In his eyes my world lies.💗