A Ray of Sunshine

As raindrops drip in silence, a rumble erupts from a cloud. Soaring and roaring all the sorrows comes pouring. Drip by drip, warm tears evaporate with cold raindrops. As I become entrapped in the storm, bolts of lightning shock my core leaving behind a faint heartbeat. Again and again I get scorched again.
Praying to heal from the damage of each thunderbolt, I lie awake thanking my ventilator for making each breath possible. As I lie peering through a lonely hospital window, being on life support gives me a new hope to live a better life. Even lightning bolts could not silence my being, what force can hurdle me now?
One day the thunderstorms will seize and a rainbow of treasures will be found. Until a rainbow is born, I lie and wait admiring the blessings of my ray of sunshine …


Image-Courtesy-YourKidsedParents: the foundation of our existence, the guardians of our today, and the predictors of our future.

Each individual develops at their own speed and matures into a responsible adult at different stages in their life. As each adult learns the significance of time, priorities, and relationships they transcend into parenthood.

The role of being a parent is primarily composed of being a mentor to the next generation, a bridge between immaturity and wisdom. As parents we pass on experience, knowledge, and valuable insights to be used by our children in decision making. However, every individual young and old is entitled to making their own decisions and mistakes in life; as a parent we can only guide children through their journey of self development and help them get up when they fall. We cannot preach we can only teach . . .

Inspiration: What is the role of a parent?


People come and go in our lives but, they leave behind footprints of their memories. After two years of editing and dedication my dream has come to life. On this day I give to you “Tere Khayal: A Collection of Your Thoughts”, a book dedicated to those memories in time that have engraved my mind with their thoughts. Please share and support “Tere Khayal: A Collection of Your Thoughts”. Now available on Amazon.

A Collection of Your Thoughts


The Return of DelicateStrength

Dear Jewelers,

I’m sure some of you probably thought DelcateStrength hung up her cape and ran of to  live in Utopia. Unfortunately, I did not embark on any such quest nor do I plan on running away from issues in hopes of a false reality. School, work, and physical fitness were consuming my daily activities since the end of last year until now. After a much-needed break and solitude with reality, I am back and ready to chase me dreams once again. This year will mark the next stage of my life as a professional. I will be graduating from college, taking the LSAT, and applying to Law school. My dream of becoming a promising young lawyer is finally making its way into reality. However, a lot of hard work will be taking place to acquire an admission into Law School; the challenge of getting in is probably the most enticing part for me!

Female-Warrior-Desktop-WallpaperI will be conjuring up my personal statements, resume, and letters of recommendations during the first few months of this year. The personal statement is my one shot of letting Law schools connect to the real me. This document will be a letter to the world to give me the opportunity that I have been waiting for.

As I was planning on writing this personal statement, I thought about DelicateStrength; a character that has always held honesty,integrity, and openness in high regards. Then it hit me, what better way to write a personal statement than through the character of DelicateStrength on the platform of Intellectuals United. This would help my readers gain an even better perception on the origins of DelicateStrength’s and relinquish the veil she hides behind.

There is no better audience to share and critique my personal statement than the dedicated readers of my blog. In this post I would like to thank all the jewelers in my life that have found and inspired this “diamond in the rough” to be the gem she is today. DelicateStrength will forever guard the emblem of faith and support that you continuously empower her with. As a token of appreciation I leave my jewelers with a promise to remain an epitome of honesty and source of inspiration for my peers.

I look forward to sharing and reading more posts and comments this year. Let’s go 2013! Time for this diamond to shine!!!!!



Who Am I?

Describe your personality in three words:  Dedicated, hopeful, and strong-willed.

Describe your rules for life:

  • Never become an obstacle between two people who love each other, but above that never become a barrier between someone you love and their self. Not letting a person grow and be the best version of his/her self would be an injustice to them and you.
  • Never try to keep someone in your life that  does not want to keep you.
  • Never make the same mistake twice. Fall, get up, learn from the mistake and never trip over the same object again.
  • Never hold on to the past, always try to move on. There is no point in hitting repeat and watching the same thing on replay again and again, that would mean I’m stuck and can’t move on.
  • Strength is skin deep; courage comes from the heart. It takes more strength to open up and show healing wounds then it does to build a wall around them.
  • Never settle for anything less than what you deserve and want in life. You just need to figure out what it is first . . .
  • I already know what I want to do; just a matter of the right timing and making thoughts into actions.

Describe a lesson you learned the hard way:

  • You are your own worst enemy. If you befriend this enemy, nothing and no one can bring you down. Harness your inner strength and use it to your advantage.

Describe something you’re afraid of: Not being afraid. With out fear there is no courage. With out courage there is no strength; therefore DelicateStrength would seize to exist.

Describe something you dream of achieving one day: To be known for who I am and not what I am, hopefully a good person.

Describe something people do that really annoys you: Superficiality- Saying and doing things with out sincerity. Superficial conversations and webs of emotionless words spun out of boredom, leaving you stuck with no way to get out . . . hate when that happens!

Describe a quality – a personality trait – that you wish you had: What’s the point in wishing? It takes forever, someone has to grant the wish, and you might not even get what you wished for . . . might as well make the wish into a goal and make it happen yourself. A vigorously earned victory is much more fulfilling and memorable then one that is merely handed to you. I’m satisfied with the qualities I have. I don’t wish for things, I make them reality 😉

Describe a quality you already have that you are proud of: Hmm, first thought: being modest . . . well that wasn’t very modest haha (lol, I may subconsciously think it’s humor). Second thought: I am proud of every quality I posses. Some qualities are not as profound as others, but I have a life time to polish them and one day they will shine brighter than the rays of the sun :).

Inspiration: Question from post Who can answer this question? by fellow blogger tfaswift.

The Emergence of DelicateStrength

I recently got nominated for the beautiful blogger award by tfaswift (Thank You, once again). Though I will not be participating, the support and recognition received from fellow readers and bloggers is deeply valued. However, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize bloggers that have inspired me and  let fellow intellectuals know a little more about DelicateStrength.

Why DelicateStrength?

 “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”-William Shakespeare

My first name translates to “delicate”. I always thought that I was predefined a weak  little girl at birth and will probably develop characteristics exemplary of my name. I associated the word “delicate” with characteristics of being weak, fragile, and dependent. However, during a Mixed Martial Arts class, an acquaintance introduced a different interpretation of the perception of delicacy. The individual said that delicacy is not always associated with weakness. Think of a fencing sword, though it is “delicate” it is a powerful weapon used for defense and is deadly as well. A delicate object may look disarming and weak, but it possess  inner strength that the naked eye often does not perceive.  This perspective changed my interpretation of my name and gave me a new outlook on my identity. A name gives us an identity, but we construct our own perception of  identity and personality.

How did you start blogging?

One of my professors started using WordPress for her class and it gave me the choice to create my own blog; so I thought why not? I wanted to develop my writing skills, watch my thoughts develop, and have a place where I can just write what is on my mind; thus giving birth to “The Mind of an Intellectual”. I never really expected anyone to read, let alone like my posts! The readers and bloggers on WordPress are amazing! It’s nice to be around like-minded people who appreciate each others thoughts.

Who Are You?

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, an employee, a minority, a thinker,  and an intellectual.

What do I strive to be in life?

A good person.

What are you studying?

Majoring in Criminal Justice and Minor in Psychology, almost done then off to law school 🙂

Describe yourself in 5 words:

 Self-motivated, Strong-willed, Self-disciplined, Modest, Confident

Who Inspires you?

People that love what they are doing and are full of life. Individuals that fight the odds against them and prevail with their determination. Those that fall from the peak of success and learn to get back up. People that lose themselves due to the pressures of society, but overcome the barriers and find themselves. People that know who they are and what they stand for; that do not abandon their values and morals due to peer pressure. Those that bring out the best in others and give back to the world. Indivudals that never give up or lose hope. Those that do not fear to speak the truth and fight for justice.  Males that do not let society constrain them in gender stereotypes and are not afraid to say what they feel. Females that break social and gender norms to make their dreams a reality. Intellectuals that think beyond the obvious. Those that challenge themselves to reach their full potential and do not fear hard work or failing. People that have the ability to diffuse tension and stress with a simple smile.

Which bloggers inspire you the most?