A Ray of Sunshine

As raindrops drip in silence, a rumble erupts from a cloud. Soaring and roaring all the sorrows comes pouring. Drip by drip, warm tears evaporate with cold raindrops. As I become entrapped in the storm, bolts of lightning shock my core leaving behind a faint heartbeat. Again and again I get scorched again.
Praying to heal from the damage of each thunderbolt, I lie awake thanking my ventilator for making each breath possible. As I lie peering through a lonely hospital window, being on life support gives me a new hope to live a better life. Even lightning bolts could not silence my being, what force can hurdle me now?
One day the thunderstorms will seize and a rainbow of treasures will be found. Until a rainbow is born, I lie and wait admiring the blessings of my ray of sunshine …

Red Rose

Distant I stay to keep those away that fail to see the tears I hail.

Hidden in thorns I feel pain as my pedals fray.
Steps and stomps I hear day and night, though no one stops to see the thorns I fought.

Until an angel dropped a seed for deeds I forgot.
Heal, he heals, with purity he heals the scars once pealing.
Burn, I burn, like fire I burn, as his light shines amongst me.
Red and bright I beam with might as I blossom into a …Rose


  Alone on my swing, I sit and I think, of my being. What have I become and who will I be.

Where am I now and where will I be.

Breathing and clearing all the screams I am hearing, I swing away from the tears I am fearing. 

With each pause, I think of my cause. As the world spins, I sit here and watch in distraught, as I wait for a soul to bring me back home. 

In the fortress of my solitude, I hear the wind whisper as I reach for the sky.

“Don’t fear dear child, the sky is yours and home is near.” 

Swing, I swing, alone on my swing… 

My World

In his eyes my world lies.

In the skies my dreams hide.

Now I see the beauty he beams.

With his touch the world shines.

Flowers bloom, rivers flow, while birds sing melodies of his praise.

With my loves warmth I evolve, all my fears he dissolves.

Time moves forward as hearts pause; his world become mine as we collide.

In his eyes my world lies.💗

No Battle is Ever Lost

Through the tears I fought, for the world I lost. 

Looking for my shield in disbelief as I watched the arrows they shot.

One by one they pierced my heart as I struggled to find the sword I lost.

Tripped I tripped, over shattered pieces of my dream I tripped.

Darkness veiled my eyes as I struggled to keep my faith alive.

Cried I cried as wounds dried laying in fear of my death.

Shaking and falling I stood back up with all my might as I saw the light.

The fight is never ending …. No battle is ever lost.

Guardian Angel

Run, I run, from reality I run, for reality is too bitter for me to digest. I spend days weeping in corners alone, as your kin fight for your throne. While they distribute the emblems of your hard work like puzzle pieces I sit here in the castle of memories you built for my siblings and I. Pictures of you teaching us to walk, talk, and smile fill our walls.

As I hear my mother sobbing, I awaken to see my grandmother holding your lifeless hand like she held for decades. My heart aches as I watch the two symbols of my childhood together for the last time.

As I weep in my mother’s arms, your memories comfort me. You left me with the wealth of love that no one can ever claim custody over. My tears pause as I accept this gift and see the reality of life and death.
Thank you grandfather for being the guardian of my childhood and angel of my future. Thank you for being my …Guardian Angel

Inspiration: My Grandparents


Unknown fears I hold inside;
behind my eyes the truth lies.
In a high I shed tears in silence,
waiting for a ray of hope
to awaken me from this reverie.
Deaf ears hear my woeful cries
and console with caresses of kindness,
as those who walk the Earth continue
to forsake my very existence.
Fear, I fear, this solitude I fear;
for misery is my only companion . . .
Inspiration: #Unknown #Fears