Red Rose

Distant I stay to keep those away that fail to see the tears I hail.

Hidden in thorns I feel pain as my pedals fray.
Steps and stomps I hear day and night, though no one stops to see the thorns I fought.

Until an angel dropped a seed for deeds I forgot.
Heal, he heals, with purity he heals the scars once pealing.
Burn, I burn, like fire I burn, as his light shines amongst me.
Red and bright I beam with might as I blossom into a …Rose



Alone on my swing, I sit and I think, of my being. What have I become and who will I be.

Where am I now and where will I be.

Breathing and clearing all the screams I am hearing, I swing away from the tears I am fearing.

With each pause, I think of my cause. As the world spins, I sit here and watch in distraught, as I wait for a soul to bring me back home.

In the fortress of my solitude, I hear the wind whisper as I reach for the sky.

“Don’t fear dear child, the sky is yours and home is near.”

Swing, I swing, alone on my swing…