Guardian Angel

Run, I run, from reality I run, for reality is too bitter for me to digest. I spend days weeping in corners alone, as your kin fight for your throne. While they distribute the emblems of your hard work like puzzle pieces I sit here in the castle of memories you built for my siblings and I. Pictures of you teaching us to walk, talk, and smile fill our walls.

As I hear my mother sobbing, I awaken to see my grandmother holding your lifeless hand like she held for decades. My heart aches as I watch the two symbols of my childhood together for the last time.

As I weep in my mother’s arms, your memories comfort me. You left me with the wealth of love that no one can ever claim custody over. My tears pause as I accept this gift and see the reality of life and death.
Thank you grandfather for being the guardian of my childhood and angel of my future. Thank you for being my …Guardian Angel

Inspiration: My Grandparents


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