Snake Charmer


In the silence of the night the rattles of your tail entice. The darkness of unknown veils your intent as you slither into my home. Spit, you spit, your venom around my doorsteps. Watch, I watch, the traps you lay for those that never thought. Prey, you prey, for who is to say that you are a facade. Your rattles I hear, the shadows are queer, for the truth is near, there is no fear. Wait, I wait, for the moment I wait, when your fangs decay and your venom wheys. Despise, I despise, the evil you hold inside under cloaks of lies you hide. Slither and slather throughout the night for the time will come when your rattles will fade for the sins you made. Hide, they hide, these snakes they hide. Come, dear come, bite my neck and inject me with your poison. Play, I play, these tunes I play to seduce you into the doors of Hell. Dance, you dance, into your death for I am . . . the Snake Charmer.



Lost up in a reverie the sights I see become quite heavenly, yet why do I breathe so heavily?

The clouds of treachery have left me feeling weatherly as I reach new heights of destiny. With wings of hope I fly, while passing silent eyes that despise the treasures I hold inside.

Hide, I hide these gems as they shine, in fear of those who whine. Sing, I sing as I dance away my problems in the sky.

Free, I free the stress away, for those who try to hold my wings down are forever . . . Lost.

An Angel is Born

Hostility on the rise has took me by surprise, waking me up from a superficial high spun from white lies. As I sit here in my misery, my hands become shivery. Cries become screams hoping to be heard as prayers to save me from Hell. Reality has finally caught up with me leaving no room to hide, besides in the cradle of this dark night. 

The facade of confidence that I spent years constructing from hope seems to be evaporating with each passing moment of time. Tears of broken self-esteem drip from my eyes, piercing healing scars bestowed upon me by Father Time. Who am I to defy the demons we all hold inside. 

Oh why, oh why, dear God why must I die? Fly I, I fly, from these sorrows to arms of faith I must fly. Behind the clouds of pain I see the light of Heaven shine. Hear, I hear, your words I hear the drums of victory must be near for my destruction is now here. 

Destroy,destroy, my world must be destroyed for an Angel is born from darkness.

Inspiration: ” When your mind is more powerful than your physical body that pain will depart you and you will feel enlightened.”  -Ali Yama Kohgadai image