Flipping through pages of knowledge we often fail to comprehend that success can not be found on shelves. Success, success, success, is what we want but, what does this dreadful word mean to thee? As I ponder over the possibility of moments I want to portray in my frame of success,I am left dumbfounded. Each dream, each goal, each accomplishment fits the frame of success. Every corner of life is filled with the possibility of opportunity, making success . . .  limitless.


Perfection Speaks

Dear Society,
Your claims of who I am and what I am supposed to be have forced me into a state of dementia. The frames you picture me in confine my dreams and restrict me from being free. The realities you weave of my future are a deception; for who is to say where I shall travel or from here to there I shall follow. The lies you speak of my existence mislead innocent souls across the world. Please do not hold others to standards that are not gold for life shall unfold what I will mold. For I am not perfect, I am . . . Imperfection.


A Step Away from Mom

Dear Mother of Mine,

Standing here today where you stood years before me I realize we are both one. Who am I today is all connected to your past, present, and future. With the grace of time, I have grown out of your shadow and am now strong enough to walk side by side with you.

For every tear life has bestowed upon you, I promise to gift you a smile from my collection. I promise to be the strength of your weakening hands and the medicine to all your wounds. I promise to shield you from life’s problems and guard you from pain. I promise to be patient with my loved ones and to guide them to make the right decisions. I promise to be a better version of myself each day and to pass on tales of your strength to future generations to come.

As I enter adulthood, I promise to sacrifice for my family and children as you continue to do so every day. Thank you for letting me fall and build myself into who I am today, I will always be . . . a step away from mom.



Respect Class


What I say to him, may not be what you say to her.
How I treat her, may not be how you treat him.
No two people or relationships are ever the same.
What may be acceptable to one individual may be intolerable to another.
Respect differences and keep your manners on their best behavior.

Inspiration: Differences