Problems and Solutions


Often times we get so caught up in a problem that we lose sight of the solution.  Put your nerves at ease and lower your stress level.  The solutions will find you when you stop fighting the problem.

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Beauty Comes Alive

10246506_598249313603660_3192330805652156578_nMind embroidering dreams.
Heart beating hope.
Eyes beaming ambition.
Smile awakening gratitude.
Lips dripping kindness.
Skin radiating patience.
Backbone carrying confidence.
Hands nurturing creativity.
Body of knowledge.
Attitude laced in humility.
Blood flowing motivation.
Tears straining purity.
With a touch of intellect, beauty comes alive. . .

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10177491_596473070447951_9148730105111781782_nThe magic of love instills in life the power to bring dreams once feared, alive and inspires us to conceive realities not foreseen. The presence of each individual in our life is a blessing and their affection is a gift. As hearts start to beat for one another, a desire to live each moment to its fullest attracts success into our life. Relationships are the foundation on which our success is built, make sure you keep them secure. Fame, fortune, and lust will not quench a soul’s thirst for love . . . #ThoughtsConnect #LiveLoveLaugh

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When Life gets too hectic, breathe in each moment and live each heart beat. Slow it down and enjoy your today; Life does not promise us a tomorrow. . .‪#‎ThoughtsConnect‬ ‪#‎LiveLoveLaugh‬

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Unplug Yourself

Often times we do not realize that multiple appliances are draining our energy. The more energy you give, the more likely you are to have a power outage. Learn to detach appliances that have a dead battery ; you can only charge items, you can not be a battery. Conserve your energy and . . . Unplug yourself.