How to be succesful


  • Ensure that you have set up long term and short term goals with a deadline for every aspect of your life. Always have a game plan; having no plan in life is like walking into a jungle blind.
  • There is no way but, forward. Create your own milestones in life and use them to reach new heights each day.  Success is a journey not a state of being; learn from walking paths that no one has walked before and create your own destination.
  •  No one is perfect and no one knows everything, life is a quest of acquiring as much knowledge as you can. Just when you think you know everything remember that to learn you must unlearn. Having a never ending thirst for knowledge will pave the way for perfection to enter every realm of your life. There will always be a better way of doing something and a way of being a better version of yourself.  Never settle for anything less that the best; your projects and your relationships with people are a reflection of your character. Make sure your outputs mirror your inputs.
  •  Be open and accepting to anything that is thrown at you. Approach life with a can do attitude and everything will fall into place.
  •  Reflect and use your experience in past events in life as a foundation for future endeavors. Learn from history to create a better future. Use the tools you have acquired from school and life to help others, and yourself as well.
  •  Stand up for yourself and others. You represent more than just yourself. You represent your employer, family, school, religion, race and much more. Your character and moral make you who you are don’t lose yourself in illusions of false realities.
  •  Deliver when you are given a deadline and project. Set your priorities straight, stay organized, and manage your time wisely. Learn to balance your life efficiently and you will have more than enough time to accomplish your deadlines.

Inspiration: Florendo Salvador