Me Vs. Us


Often times we find ourselves in situations of self doubt, questioning our potential and lowering our self worth as each insecurity resurrects into our conscious thoughts. MY expectations, MY feelings,  MY fears, MY needs, MY life, and “ME” often make a minor pebble into a larger than life mountain that is perceived as beyond ones capacity to climb. 

When in the “Me” mindset, negative emotions such as:  jealousy, anger, guilt, possessiveness, fear, and greed begin to isolate you from reality. This “Me” mindset is caused by insecurities that an individual has about his or her self and often prevents them from creating/maintaining healthy relationships with others. On the contrary, the “Us” mindset brings forth positive emotions such as: gratitude, love, happiness, patience, and humility which enhances self development. While the “Me” perspective of life keeps you isolated from others,  the “Us” mindset acts as a social magnet and helps us create a healthy self image of our persona.

Relationships are formed when two confident individuals share common interest in life and see a reflection of themselves in the other person. When these two individuals are in sync with each other they are in the “Us” mindset and positive emotions are further enhanced by the experience of sharing joy with one another. However, the minute one partner allows negative emotions to take over their relationship they regress back into the “Me” mindset.

The “Me” mindset is a destructive state of being that creates problems for singles as well as couples.  At various instances in life the “Me” mindset may want to creep up into your life but, always remember that negative emotions only cause isolation.

Our greatest enemy in life is “Me”, learn to understand “Me” and make it an ally. Life gets pretty dull with just “Me”. Learn to step out of “Me” and enjoy the company of “Us”, only then will you realize how it feels to be truly alive… 

Inspiration: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win,  by fearing to attempt.” ― William ShakespeareMeasure for Measure