Don’t Rush Love

“Don’t rush love, it will find you one day… then it will either rob you of everything you are worth or fill you with emotions beyond your capacity…”  -DelicateStrength 



One world, One life, One heart, One love

tumblr_m4wqvt6OS51rncotuo1_500 Inequality and discrimination cause an invisible boundary to be formed between two individuals in interpersonal relationships in India. In an age of technological progression and economic prosperity, society should rise above caste and race. Socio-economic status and education are becoming vital elements of success that override discriminating factors like caste, gender, and race.  The caste system should be eliminated from India to prevent minor problems like caste from detering the union of two successful individuals.

Discriminating individuals using the caste system is similar to racism that is seen in America, thus proving that structured inequality exists in many forms whether it be caste, religion, socio-economic status, race or gender. Discrimination anywhere is a threat to the human race; we must change society’s methods of discrimination. God made humans, and humans made borders, religion, and language; God made us equal, humans created differences.

One world, one life, one heart, one love…the compassion of humanity prevails over all.

Inspiration: A Reality Check 

The Alpha Code


  • Lead by example.
  • Love yourself and those around you.
  • Be the friend others seek for advice.
  • Be respected not feared.
  • Be loved not hated.
  • Give and receive instead of take and receive.
  • Be confident in yourself and your relationships with others.
  • Be a leader by choice not force.
  • Spread positivity and eliminate negativity from life.
  • Be the sibling that is a role model for the next generation.
  • Be the child every parent would love to call their own.
  • Be the partner every individual would love to marry.
  • Be the employee that employers wants.
  • Dream to Achieve.
  • Be the inspiration you seek.

Inspiration: Taming an alpha female

My Outlook on Life

I expect a lot from myself and anyone that I associate with; whether it be a friend or partner. I do whatever it takes to push and inspire myself as well as others to reach their full potential in order to believe in themselves. I might nag or ask them what they are doing to get closer to their goal but, it is only to encourage them and to make them think about the endless possibilities they are capable of.

I want to be the daughter that every parent would love to call her own…I want to be the friend cheering in the audience for my friend….I want to be that successful female behind a successful man….I want to be that mother who gives her kids a new world they can change and make their own..

Hope, encouragement, confidence, and dedication can change your whole life for the best…we are our own greatest friend and enemy…Be the best, be around the best, and help others be the best…invest your time in those that believe in themselves and even more so in those that need someone in their life that will give them a spark of courage in their lonely paths of darkness.

Inspiration: Goal-oriented thinking