The Return of DelicateStrength

Dear Jewelers,

I’m sure some of you probably thought DelcateStrength hung up her cape and ran of to  live in Utopia. Unfortunately, I did not embark on any such quest nor do I plan on running away from issues in hopes of a false reality. School, work, and physical fitness were consuming my daily activities since the end of last year until now. After a much-needed break and solitude with reality, I am back and ready to chase me dreams once again. This year will mark the next stage of my life as a professional. I will be graduating from college, taking the LSAT, and applying to Law school. My dream of becoming a promising young lawyer is finally making its way into reality. However, a lot of hard work will be taking place to acquire an admission into Law School; the challenge of getting in is probably the most enticing part for me!

Female-Warrior-Desktop-WallpaperI will be conjuring up my personal statements, resume, and letters of recommendations during the first few months of this year. The personal statement is my one shot of letting Law schools connect to the real me. This document will be a letter to the world to give me the opportunity that I have been waiting for.

As I was planning on writing this personal statement, I thought about DelicateStrength; a character that has always held honesty,integrity, and openness in high regards. Then it hit me, what better way to write a personal statement than through the character of DelicateStrength on the platform of Intellectuals United. This would help my readers gain an even better perception on the origins of DelicateStrength’s and relinquish the veil she hides behind.

There is no better audience to share and critique my personal statement than the dedicated readers of my blog. In this post I would like to thank all the jewelers in my life that have found and inspired this “diamond in the rough” to be the gem she is today. DelicateStrength will forever guard the emblem of faith and support that you continuously empower her with. As a token of appreciation I leave my jewelers with a promise to remain an epitome of honesty and source of inspiration for my peers.

I look forward to sharing and reading more posts and comments this year. Let’s go 2013! Time for this diamond to shine!!!!!