Life Lessons of 2012

  • Strength is skin deep; courage comes from the heart. It takes more courage to open up and show healing wounds then it does to build a wall around them.
  • Never settle for anything less than what you deserve and want in life. You just have to slow down and figure out what it is first.
  • Fear those that fear living…they will hold you back in life and bring you down with them.
  • With age does not come maturity; responsibilities, problems, and stress mature individuals beyond their age.
  • Never play with the minds and hearts of those you care about and trust.
  • You will have no regrets in life if you always give your 110% all the time.
  • Every experience in life whether it be good or bad, has a lesson.
  • Being honest takes strength and practice; continue to be true to yourself and speak your mind.
  • Everyone has their insecurities and problems, but it’s your call if you want to get involved with them and their issues. It all depends on  how much they mean to you.
  • I have a problem with caring too much about others and sacrificing my own happiness. I need to balance the necessity to live life to the fullest with my tendency to help others.
  •  True Love is when someone accepts and loves you for who you are.
  •  Trust is not given, it is created and established within a relationship over time; once trust is broken it can not be replaced or repaired.
  • Always be aware of hidden agendas.


  • Just because someone says and acts likes they understand you, doesn’t mean they actually do. Actions speak louder than words.
  •  Always being focused and speeding ahead can cause you to become narrow minded. Sometimes you need to slow down in life to get the big picture.
  • You can do anything you set your mind too, but you must have a plan that will layout a foundation for you to achieve your goals. Without a plan you are walking into a jungle blind.
  • Don’t struggle to keep someone in your life, if they truly care and want to be with you  they will meet you half way.
  • Being too demanding and controlling will scare people away.  Be more accepting, patient, understanding and just go with the flow.
  • Just because you have a bad past doesn’t mean your doomed to have a bad present, and future. Accept and learn from the past instead of fearing its impact on who you are today and will be in the near future.
  • If you can’t change something or someone, change your perspective and learn to accept things as they are.
  • When the pen of fate is doing you injustice have the audacity to snatch that pen away from fate, and write your own destiny…

Inspiration: Thanking the past and welcoming the future with open arms.  Thank You for the valubale lessons 2012.


Finding your Nemo

Quote of the Week: “Granted there are various fish in the sea, but how many of those fish will be attracted to a fishing pole with no bait?” -DelicateStrength

Inspiration: Believe in yourself and give your 110% in everything. If you don’t try and take initiative, you will never catch the big fish. 

Sparks of Courage

Dear precious readers,

A fellow blogger became my muse today and inspired me to think about courage. Many people are afraid to take off their masks, destroy the walls around their hearts, and share their experiences with the world. The few courageous souls that are able to channel pain and emotions in their writing become inspirations to readers across the world. I admire this fellow blogger for his courage and humbly bow down to honor his immaculate honesty.

It takes much more courage to show healing wounds then it does to build a wall around your heart. We all have fears, but only some use that fear as fuel to create sparks of courage. Only when these sparks of courage are kindled will a candle of hope be ignited in our hearts. The burning flame of this candle of hope will instill faith in others, and will illuminate the dark paths for others to follow. Thank you once again for being an inspiration and giving fellow readers like myself the opportunity to know your experiences in life. There’s always something we can take away and learn from others by sharing; I am glad that you have not lost faith in humanity and continue to trust. It takes real men to reminisce and show their battle scars, you are one of those few rare men that have risen above gender stereotypes and I salute your bravery.

Much Respect,


Inspiration: Blogger  hughmannbeing’s personality in general and his amazing post titled : “You Broke A Man-I Hope that You Are Proud” (The most touching and inspirational post I have ever read) The comment he made on my “Gender Stereotypes: This IS who you are?” post was what actualy made me start typing away lol.