Rise Up

“Always be the first to rise and the last to fall.” -DelicateStrength


My Shadow Speaks

The curtains are drawn, the stage is set, trembling feet make there way up to the mic and take center stage. As her mouth opens she starts spitting venom that blazes the stage forming a ring of fire enticing the audience. Every word sends chills down the souls that are witnessing the captivating spell being recited by this mystic shadow. As the spot light hits this dark shadow her identity is revealed. The hypnotic versus belong to Lady Venomence. There she stands with fire in her eyes and venom on the tip of her tongue waiting to eject the fury concealed in her heart.  Today I will roll out your first red carpet; Welcome Lady Venomence it’s about time my shadow speaks . . .
Abandoned by : Lady Venomence
Fatherhood was once a gift 
That could lift
Me up when I was down
The crown
Of having himaarown
In my life 
And not having to think about who would be next to drive a knife
Through my heart
But is bitter and tart
Never was good enough for the fool
All he was….was a pool
Of failure and  disrespect
Not a father but one who fathered nothing but neglect
He don’t know that I ain’t gonna look back 
Cuz I do not lack
Dignity, respect, or appreciation
All that’s left for him is cremation
Cuz this is my world. My nation
My Radio station
And ima tune in my dreams
The streams
That he never let flow
The voice that he never let anyone know
Had aspirations
And Ambitions
The prophesy
That the world must see
Cuz ima make ‘em come true
Since he never knew
That I have the strength 
And I can go any length 
To live my dream
And be a part of a winning team
Yeah, I don’t need no wimp
Who can only limp
Out of his parental responsibilities 
In reality, I am the only one I must please
 F*** him. I’ll see him at his funeral
But for now, I am the commander-in-general . . .

Lady Venomence Rap Inspiration: Eminem-“No Love”
Inspiration for Post: Little sister is finally stepping out of my shadow and following her dreams. My shadow will walk without me now, but will always come back to me when the sun sets.